10 Greek Street

This is scaring me really. 2nd update in 2 weeks.. and all in London. 1) I need to stop going to London. 2) I NEED TO STOP SPENDING MY PRECIOUS £ ON FOOD. 3) I need to exercise. I am so happy with 10 Greek Street – central location, fantastic service, and humble, humble food. The highlight here is really how fresh the ingredients were, and everything was just so amazing. Except.. the kitchen was sort of an ‘open’ kitchen concept, and it does get kind of smoky in the small restaurant at times. And you do leave the place smelling of food.. which is quite a big gripe of mine. But the food and the experience is worth it.

Smoked swordfish carpaccio, fennel & blood orange (£8)

Fish stew (£7)

Wild boar & new season’s garlic risotto (£12)

Seared calf liver dish that I forgot what it was called exactly and its price \:

What I like best is the option to choose between two sizes – starter/main for the fish stew and the risotto. The smoked swordfish carpaccio was exceptional, and possibly the best dish of the lot. Who knew what fennel, blood orange and swordfish went so well together? The blood orange is pretty sour but was offset by the fish. My mouth was very happy and my taste receptors prolly went into overkill. The fish stew was not very.. fish-y, but included seafood. I liked this but it wasn’t very unique or anything I would rave about. It is good though. The wild boar risotto was.. interesting. A lot of diners actually ordered it, personally felt the garlic taste wasn’t very strong, but the risotto was creamy as it should be. Finally, the seared calf liver.. was so rich. It was pink in the middle so if you’re adverse to liver and eating it pink, definitely stay away from it. I wouldn’t say it has a ‘gamey’ taste, but the pink centre really overwhelms after a while and I had to eat the liver accompanied with the mash, kale and glazed onions. It is definitely too rich to finish it on one’s own so SHARE!

10 Greek Street is some place I cam imagine bringing friends to simply because it encourages sharing, unlike most dining establishments (save for the tapas bars, because duh, tapas.) The food is simple and comforting. We were too stuffed to try any dessert, nothing really jumped out at me so we went off to another cafe in search of cake! But reviews that I’ve read have said that the dessert at 10 Greek Street is of a certain standard, so do try that and lemme knowwww.

While it may be a bit cramped in the small area, with smoke coming from the kitchen, it does whet your appetite somewhat, and the service just makes the experience so much better. The service was prompt and the staff were highly efficient and extremely friendly. Completely deserving of every single tip they got that day!

BTW: the menu changes according to what’s in season, so everytime you go you can -I suppose- spot new stuff on the menu!

10 Greek Street
W1D 4DH, London
No reservations (unless lunch!)
We spent £44 altogether, excluding service.


Pollen Street Social: Revolutionising fine dining

Pollen Street Social is Jason Atherton’s restaurant that will change your perception on fine dining with a casual bar where you can sit around and mingle with a no-reservations policy. I was particularly lucky to get a weekend reservation for 3 a week before we were slated to go because weekends were completely reserved till April! It is a place where I can say with conviction that I will definitely go back. The set lunch menu is very value for money, and being starving students (ok not that starving admittedly) we went for that to try more dishes & the best part was the starters, mains & desserts were in threes, so 3 of us could share everything.

The service was very attentive and the staff, extremely friendly. The service was prompt and while clearing the courses they always asked how the food was – VERY GOOD THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

smoked hake, poached egg, wild garlic, curry puffed rice

cornish mackerel tartare, seaweed salsa verde, pickled turnip

terrine of pork knuckle, piccalilli, wild herbs, squid and coco beans

The starters did their jobs to open our appetites, I was so chuffed by my mackerel tartare & even Nick who doesn’t eat sashimi said the tartare was pretty good. I’m sorry I cannot recreate the taste in your mouth but.. I was amazed that it was not fishy at all considering it is mackerel afterall, and this tartare was very, very light despite the dressing. Nick’s dish tasted like.. pork porridge. I have no other way to describe the taste. It is all so amazing how various ingredients can come together and create such a distinct taste.

roasted cornish cod, mussel bouillabaisse, crab and winkle vinaigrette

pork belly, spiced pork cheek, pear puree, sprouting broccoli, lardo potatoes


braised irish ox cheek, smoked mashed potato, salt baked onions, ox tail and marrowbone

I love how food is a show at PSS & how waiters will explain your dish patiently. My cod was accompanied with this mussel broth and the kind waiter took the chance to explain he was pouring the mussel broth into my dish before he did so. Peter says the potato mash is ‘DAMN GOOD’ and I concur. I’m not a fan of potato in this form but I think they might have passed it through a processor to get it so smooth. Nick’s pork belly was ADUFHKJ#Q)(UROI (this is me speechless) and Pete’s ox cheek was so tender and so well marinated. Sigh, I’m recreating the meal in my mouth now. Also my cod with crab and mussel broth was like eating fish in the best seafood broth ever. I haven’t had this good fish since Floods in Weymouth, but I’m sorry Floods, the best seafood experience this academic year goes to Pollen Street Social. The thing is, I can’t believe they do both meats and fish so well. Definitely deserving of all their accolades!!!!

palate cleanser

yorkshire rhubarb sorbet, pistachio financier, ginger

70% bitter chocolate pave, vanilla ice cream, smoked vanilla crumbs

Desserts were a bit disappointing but by no means, terrible. I think the starters and mains have stolen the show so much so that I was expecting to be blown away by the desserts. I took a pistachio cake with rhubarb while the boys had the chocolate pave. It was.. pretty forgettable I think. The pistachio however went very well with the rhubarb sorbet it was accompanied with and I was really quite impressed at how two exotic foods can complement!!! I would recommend ordering desserts from the dessert menu instead because of all the rave reviews I have been hearing about the awesome dessert, especially the PBJ.

The service here is top notch and the servers are very attentive – always stepping in to refill glasses, sweeping crumbs off our table, bringing over a bag stool for Nick’s paperbag.. making the effort to ask how the meal was, and turning away while Pete keyed in his PIN for payment. It is the little things that count. Everyone was friendly and all smiles and I really love PSS, it is non-snooty, casual enough and the food, mindblowingly good & value for money.

Pictures taken by myself with Peter’s camera.

2 courses, £22; 3 courses £25.50; including a bottle of water and service charge, we paid £90 for 3 people.